How to use Music & Drama to help unlock the full potential of your pupils

This guide provides guidance to schools and educational organisations on how to deliver an aspirational and inspirational performing arts provision, an invaluable resource for children’s learning and mental health. Engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and drama, thereby increasing self-confidence, creativity, a sense of achievement and motivation, thus enrich learning and life skills.

Along with a large number of other teachers, parents and children you may be wondering how to continue to provide children with a rich performing arts education.

Our free guide is packed with hints, tips, tricks and resources on this exact topic. It is the perfect read if you are interested in finding out:

·      How to provide an excellent musical education to students

·      Whether or not to focus on musical theory

·      Which online resources are the best

·      How to get around a shortage of instruments

·      What has worked well for others

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