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Music & Drama specialist teachers delivering an aspirational and inspirational performing arts provision

Music and Drama Specialists

The eureka moment was the realisation that the industry wasn’t fair, it capitalised from its schools and didn’t always value the teachers. The system was broken and in desperate need of fixing. We are proud to be a game changer.

The Game Changer

It all started over a cup of tea, two friends with over 40 years’ collective experience in education and recruitment talking about how they could do their jobs better if they ran the show, so we did. Not long after 1st Note Education was born, founded in 2012 we have continued to thrive and develop due to reputation and recommendation.

Our focus is to support our teachers to be the best that they can be. To deliver outstanding lessons, engage pupils, enhance motivation, confidence and learning life skills.  Working in collaboration to exceed expectations for our schools, our students and teachers alike.

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We started from one belief; that teachers and schools deserve better.  That the teachers pouring their hearts into their vocation deserved to be supported and paid properly.


Schools need a hassle free, value for money, affordable service to deliver an aspirational and inspirational music and drama provision.  That’s why 91% of our teachers interviewed are hired and 92% stay in post longer than 2 years.


Our passion makes a good business

The Right Team Makes All The Difference

Our talented team include a Primary school headteacher, Music specialist and Recruitment experts.

To Succeed, we are continually investing in our people to challenge and innovate the way we work, to ensure we provide the highest quality services for all.

Supporting our teachers and having fun along the way.

We don’t just place people into roles, we make the right match.

Working together to exceed expectations.

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