Teacher: Why we won’t be rushed back to school

As a teacher and a parent I feel like I’m being pulled in several different directions.  I’m working harder to teach my class from home than I normally do in the classroom, trying to understand online teaching and instruct other teachers how to use it takes a lot of time. As well as this, I am regularly pulling my hair out attempting to home school my children.. Apart from anything else, which child ever wants to sit down with their parents and be taught English and Maths? Home should be their sanctuary. Children are missing out on class interactions and social activities. So part of me is ready to return to work and my children to school.  Let’s bring back some normality to our lives.

However, this virus continues to be a threat and it is suggested by the governments scientists that although we are over the peak it will continue to be (with no vaccine) for quite a while to come. There is no way that children can be expected to understand social distancing, yes secondary school age get it and the majority of the older children in primary schools. The younger ones in reception don’t understand, and why should they?  It’s unnatural to ask them to not get close to each other, it’s detrimental to their mental understanding and growth.

I am no medical expert but I do fall under the ‘at risk’ category, as does my youngest son, so why would I risk either of us, or passing it to other children or teachers?  I wouldn’t! It doesn’t make sense.

I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but when it comes to health, surely there’s a time to step back, listen, learn and wait. 

In the attached article written by Counterfire, they continue the discussion about lifting the lockdown and what happens next for schools.

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