Penultimate blog… a time to reflect!

There is no denying the commitment of a teacher and I think the proof is in the (Christmas) pudding in the fact that it is a quarter to midnight on the Eve of Christmas and I am here sending a blog!!! midnight mass had to take a backseat this year sadly in order for me to get this post in on time before Christmas day, and such like the Elves and Father Christmas I am working hard too!!!

So what to write…..

I have two posts left before I hang up the quill for 1st Note Education, so I will try and make it a good one.

Throughout my blogs I have discussed most aspects of teaching, styles of teaching, teaching tips and strategies… most aspects of teaching really. We have looked at the roles of a primary teacher, a secondary teacher, a teaching assistant, a SENCO, a montossori teacher, a support and supply teacher and all other areas related.

We have looked at behavioural management, classroom management, staff management, child management, what is the right thing to do in class, what is the wrong thing to do in class. what and what not to wear in class, how to prepare for Ofsted.

We have discussed current affairs and issues that are going on in the news today and how they affect education along with past time and what becomes of educational issues within the future.

All in all, I have written 80 blogs that cover most of the teaching profession and areas around the education sector. So for my penultimate blog I am simply going to say visit the 1st Note Education website and have a read!!! It will be down to you as the reader to decide which blog or article that you would prefer to read or take guidance on. Remember, Just like you, I am a teacher. I speak from experience and I offer advice and help as a guideline. If you wish to try out some of my ideas then please feel free and I hope it aids in making you a more successful teacher.

I wish everyone who teaches or wants to enter teaching the very best for the future

Andrew T

Teacher and 1st Note Education media writer.